Gamification Europe 2019

About Gamification Europe Harness the power of games. Gamification Europe is the 2 day gamification conference that gives you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisation. So far we’ve announced the location, the venue, the theme and nothing else, this is your call to adventure… Why ‚A Call to Adventure‘? The third edition of Gamification Europe will […]

It’s Dark Inside | Evelyn Bencicova & Armin Keplinger

IT’S DARK INSIDE – Evelyn Bencicova & Armin Keplinger EXHIBITION: December 7, 1-9pm PUBLIC RECEPTION: December 7, 6-9pm; complimentary drinks kindly provided by BrewDog VENUE: TBA one day before the show; use the ‚Reserve a spot‘ button above or email to receive updates. synthesis gallery is a space to experience pioneering artists through VR […]

AWE Nite Berlin #5: the latest AR projects

AWE Nites presents another series of exceptional companies showing their latest AR tech! We meet at Mozilla, a global non-profit dedicated to making the Web better. Lineup 1. Maren Demant, CEO of Invisible Room Gmbh & Co. KG, will present how AR can treat symptoms of Parkinson’s. Invisible Room is a creative hub, consultancy and […]

Spatial Computing Jam! #2

Interested in virtual or augmented reality, or anything in between? The idea of the jam is to gather people interested in coding & designing for these technologies for a day to learn and create things together. You can team up with other people, or just learn something by yourself – no judging. You can, for […]

VRiday Meetup: Jacob Bellmund

JACOB BELLMUND Topic: Investigating entorhinal maps for human memory using VR and fMRI Affiliation: MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig (Psychology Dept.) Date: November 29, 2019 Time: 11:00 – 12:00 Location: room 220 VRiday Meetups The VRiday Meetup takes place on the last Friday of the month at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. It’s informal, open to […]

Zero Latitude | Armin Keplinger

ZERO LATITUDE – Armin Keplinger OPENING: November 28, 1-6pm OPENING RECEPTION: November 28, 6-9pm; complimentary drinks kindly provided by BrewDog EXHIBITION DATES: November 28 – December 1, 1-7pm ZERO LATITUDE premieres a new body of artworks by Armin Keplinger, including the VR-installation ‚ms-R‘ alongside kinetic and live-triggered sound sculptures. While melting together digital and analogue, […]

VR Berlin Meetup #35 at the MD.H

Save the date! The next VR Berlin Meetup is on the horizon, once again at the large spaces of the MD.H University near Tiergarten. As always there will be talks, demos, networking and free drinks sponsored by Caseking. The program will be announced soon. Everyone is welcome to show their project – we love to […]

VIRTUAL REALITY BASIC with Tobias Wüstefeld

Teaser: More Information and Videos Virtual reality is in vogue. The market is currently being opened up. The medium creates new experiences and has the potential to revolutionize communication. The technology offers the possibility to open up three-dimensional space. But the start is connected with certain hurdles. We would like to overcome these in our […]

XR Stories with Nomtek

XR stories Chapter 1: The ups and downs of Augmented & Mixed Reality R&D XR Stories with Nomtek is (hopefully) a cyclic event where we want to create a space for people to share experiences around AR, VR, and Mixed Reality. We want to discuss how those technologies impact our lives and they way we […]

VRiday Meetup: Alex Masurovsky

ALEX MASUROVSKY Topic: Comparative user testing of a modified Leap Motion VR interface to an out-of-the box Leap and Oculus controller in a grasp and place task. Affiliation: Berlin School of Mind and Brain Date: October 25, 2019 Time: 11:00 – 12:00 Location: room 144 VRiday Meetups The VRiday Meetup takes place on the last Friday […]