VRHAM! 2021

VRHAM! – Virtual Reality & Arts Festival Hamburg steht für Kunst, Internationalität und Zugänglichkeit. Als erstes internationales Festival für Virtual Reality Kunst laden wir seit 2018 Künstler*innen aus aller Welt ein, ihre Werke für ein internationales Publikum im Hamburger Oberhafen auszustellen. Das Kreativquartier bietet mit seinen ehemaligen Industriehallen einen außergewöhnlichen Ort für Begegnung, besondere Präsentationsmöglichkeiten […]

Recollecting Futures

PYLON and SYNTHESIS Gallery present RECOLLECTING FUTURES, a digital exhibition of works by Carla Gannis, Mohsen Hazrati and Christopher Meerdo. The multi dimensional online exhibition will launch 27th March in the synthesis gallery’s Mozilla Hubs virtual space. The archive is an immersive environment: the sum of documentary material circulating between individual interactions, in culture, in […]

VRDays Europe 6

VRDAYS EUROPE 6 – THE NEW HORIZONS EDITION The Most Immersive Event of 2020 This year everything is different. Expect XR superstars in LIVE STREAMING CONFERENCES. Join the VISION & IMPACT HYBRID CONFERENCE (200 seats available). Explore the latest innovation at the VIRTUAL EXHIBITION. Award winning content at the CHURCH OF VR, in VR. (Free […]

Corona TV Bot | Marc Lee

‚(Corona) TV Bot‘ – Marc Lee OPENING: September 6, 4-8pm EXHIBITION: September 6 – October 4; Sunday-Thursday, 4-8pm VENUE: re:publica Campus – Ziegrastraße 1, 112057 Berlin synthesis gallery is delighted to announce its latest exhibition ‚(Corona) TV Bot‘ by Marc Lee as part of re:publica Campus. re:publica Campus is a month-long festival addressing the digital […]

VRHAM! Virtual 2020

Discover VR art together, virtually. VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival 2020 is happening: From 4 June, 2020, visitors from Hamburg and worldwide are invited to experience curated Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality art in digital space, exchange ideas digitally and participate in a virtual festival with opening show, partner events and live program. VRHAM! […]

Laval Virtual World

Gather, Inspire, Valorize: A virtual edition The Laval Virtual exhibition is for all of those who wish to develop a greater depth of understanding and expertise in immersive technologies, integrate them into their value chain and predict their development. For the better organization of this Laval Virtual World, it is therefore essential to offer the widest possible access, […]

Realness – Intimate Garden | Sandrine Deumier

‚REALNESS – INTIMATE GARDEN‘ – Sandrine Deumier OPENING: February 20, 1-7pm RECEPTION: February 20, 7-9pm EXHIBITION: February 20 – February 23, 1-7pm synthesis gallery is pleased to announce its latest exhibition ‚Realness – Intimate Garden‘ by Sandrine Deumier. Deumier creates virtual environments where amorphous, anonymous, beautifully complex humanoids live in organic symbiosis with their natural […]

It’s Dark Inside | Evelyn Bencicova & Armin Keplinger

IT’S DARK INSIDE – Evelyn Bencicova & Armin Keplinger EXHIBITION: December 7, 1-9pm PUBLIC RECEPTION: December 7, 6-9pm; complimentary drinks kindly provided by BrewDog VENUE: TBA one day before the show; use the ‚Reserve a spot‘ button above or email giorgio@synthesis.gallery to receive updates. synthesis gallery is a space to experience pioneering artists through VR […]

Zero Latitude | Armin Keplinger

ZERO LATITUDE – Armin Keplinger OPENING: November 28, 1-6pm OPENING RECEPTION: November 28, 6-9pm; complimentary drinks kindly provided by BrewDog EXHIBITION DATES: November 28 – December 1, 1-7pm ZERO LATITUDE premieres a new body of artworks by Armin Keplinger, including the VR-installation ‚ms-R‘ alongside kinetic and live-triggered sound sculptures. While melting together digital and analogue, […]

VR Days Europe 2019

VR DAYS EUROPE 2019 LUSTRUM EDITION In ancient Rome a lustrum was the name for the sacrifice and celebration of a five-year period. A moment to reflect, unite and look ahead. With the 5th edition of VR Days we will do just that. Welcome to the Lustrum Edition. VR Days is a 3-day conference and exhibition on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality […]